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Cutting Wheel

Our Products

Grinding Disc
Grinding Disc

Manufactured from high quality self-sharpening
aluminum oxide grains, with excellent ...

Sanding Paper
Sanding Paper

It is mainly be used to polish and grind all kinds
of metal and stainless steel. Different ...

Nonwoven Products
Nonwoven Products

Manufactured from nylon, aluminum oxide,
resin glue, polyster, for different purpose,...

Stone Diamond Cutting Disc
Stone Diamond Cutting Disc

Both cold pressed and hot pressed products can
be manufactured here, for different purpose...

What clients are say


"The goods have been received, the physical object is as shown and described, the quality is very good, the price is good!"

Giselle Founder

"I bought a box of these because of the value but l honestly didn't expect them to hold up as well as theydid. I've directly compared them to two wheels of the same grit and somehow these hold upbetter and keep cutting. I'll keep buying these for a long time."

Samer Financer

"The flap disc is solid and durable. Definitely coming back for Aurora again. Fast cutting and durable flap discs. Last longer than the cheap ones."

Elena Sales Manager

Flap Disc